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Unit demonstration model set for crystals and lattices

Perfect for front-of-class demonstrations, lectures and display models. Large (44mm diameter) spheres in seven colours representing different atoms and a 25mm diameter white hydrogen sphere are joined by a versatile peg system

Unit demonstration model set for crystals and lattices
Build large-scale models the whole class can see! By inserting radial, polar and tetrahedral pegs into the spheres you can make any bond angle which can then be joined with either rigid aluminium or flexible vinyl bonds. New to the system are electron orbitals to show VSEPR theory and to represent lone pairs.

Packs of individual atoms, pegs and bonds are available to order for making custom models for studying specific crystals and lattices.

Click here to order parts for custom sets in the Unit system.
New storage boxes for group sets
Sturdy plastic storage solutions to last as long as our sets
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