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Helios Planetarium

A complete fully-electric system for studying the planets and stars. Accuracy is at the core of the Helios with planets revolving at their correct relative speeds and a choice of star domes showing all major stars and constellations for both Northern and Southern hemispheres.

Helios Planetarium

Three interchangeable models illustrate different topics. With comprehensive instructions, astronomical data and study topics.

A: Electric Orrery

Electric orrery only

Watch as the planets from Mercury to Saturn orbit the Sun at their correct relative speeds and the Moon orbits the Earth in synchrony.

Subjects to study:

  • The Planets in their orbits (length of a year, inferior and superior planets and more)
  • The Moon and its phases
  • Eclipse basics
  • Time - solar, sidereal and G.M.T.

The orrery can have all its planets displayed or just one or two orbiting the illuminated sun. Data for positioning the planets for any year or month up to 2020 is included in the manual. The speed and direction of rotation can be changed!

B: Orrery with Star Dome

Electric Orrery and Star Dome

Show how the stars and constellations have fixed locations in space whilst the planets orbit the Sun.

Additional subjects to study with the star dome:

  • The Ecliptic and the Zodiacal constellations
  • How the planets appear to move against the night sky
  • Use of the Helios outside at night - where should the stars appear in the sky?

The dome shows the stars around the ecliptic plus those over either the Northern or Southern hemisphere. Look through the dome to see the stars visible at night for given times of the year.

C: Earth-Centred Model

A large Earth globe rotates on an inclined axis in the centre of the model while a Moon orbits it every 29.5 'days'. The star dome can be placed over the Earth and Moon

Additional subjects to study with the Earth-centred model:

  • Day and night
  • Shadows and the seasons
  • The Moon's month, phases and eclipses
  • The Pole Star and a Nocturnal
  • The moon and stars as seen from different positions on the Earth, circumpolar stars
  • The tides
  • Space travel

Show how the movements of the Earth and Moon create the daily and monthly pattern of tides!

Base diameter: 36 cm (14 inches) | Height with Dome: 32-38 cm (12-15 inches)

Power supply
6V supply via mains power adapter - supplied or battery operated - 4 x U2 cells required (not supplied)
(If requested in the order comments box we will supply the transformer with the 'Euro' 2-pin plug or US 2-pin plug. Otherwise it will have a UK 3-pin plug.)

All models include a comprehensive instruction booklet.

Available in different Formats for your Requirement:

Helios Orrery and Northern Dome. (Reference 0142): For set up A and B only (Northern hemisphere).

Helios Planetarium - Northern. (Reference 0150): For set up A, B and C (Northern hemisphere).

Helios Planetarium -Southern. (Reference 0151): For set up A, B and C.(Southern hemisphere).

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Helios planetarium and star dome

Helios Orrery & Northern Dome

Geared electric orrery with star dome (Northern hemisphere).
Ref: 0142



helios planetarium model of solar system

Helios Planetarium - Northern

Geared electric orrery, northern hemisphere star dome and earth-centred model accessories
Ref: 0150



Helios Planetarium - Southern

Geared electric orrery, southern hemisphere star dome and earth-centred model accessories
Ref: 0151



Extra dome for southern hemisphere

Dome for southern hemisphere
Ref: 0159


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